Denimize The World – Style your denim over denim

Denimize The World – Style your denim over denim

Hello Lovelies

It seems like ages we have talked, ages I have written something, got myself a paper and a pen or even opened google docs to write something. Allow me to be a storyteller with something that might help you know yourself a little more.

Many of you must be single, some must be seriously committed to a relationship , some must have fallen in love or some must have had a heart break.

I was one of those girls who used to think and truly believed that relationship is everything, if you don’t have a boyfriend to love you, support you, pamper you; you have nothing. Holy shit! Holy crap!

These bollywood movies have made us so fascinated about love, and couple goals that we eventually with time start believing that there’s nothing beyond a happy relationship. You fall in love, you commit to a relationship and rip yourself apart to make that relation the most happiest one, which is actually not the case. You drag it till the end and eventually, you lose yourself, your dreams and self respect and what not. I was one of them. I did all the shit in world to make it happen until one fine day I got up, and decided to give back the shit anyone throws at me. No matter whosoever he/she is and since then, there was never turning back!

I was seeing a video before writing this blog and a sentence in that video summed up all my thoughts – “All answers to your questions lies in experimenting, and doing so fearlessly.”

Have you ever had that feeling of when you literally talk so much more and speak the shit out of you, laughed crying your heart out but then something happens suddenly and a switch turns off somewhere showing the darkness of the other side of your mind. It is absolutely that thought you need to conquer to. I did and I still continue to practice every single day. Will you? Can you?

Coming to the post : The shorts and the denim jacket are from Forever 21 and my white bodysuit is from GK streets. This denim jacket is my current obsession nowadays. I love the designing at it back – Los Angeles, Girl Squad. I loved the idea of wearing backless net fabric bodysuit. It costs just Rs. 300. Can you believe this? I am not really a brand person though I love shopping brands but I don’t mind if I get something really amazing from streets.

I wanted to create this whole denim look since a while now because the idea of wearing denim over denim is really difficult to carry for few. This might help you girls of how you can pair it together. I believe this look is something that bespoke what I truly am. As this look is something in which I can literally spend a week in, not kidding! I can live in shorts, skirts and dresses forever.

Shop this denim shorts from here.

Shop this denim jacket from here.

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