Protein DG : Beauty Talk – DIY Your Own Highlighter


Hey my favorites!

You guys must have already noticed that I have started sharing my OOTD’s with you all as per your request on my social media platforms, also I have started my own series of Protein DG (DatelessGrin, in case you don’t understand what DG means :p) where I’m gonna give you all my personal beauty and styling secrets.

Here I’m back with yet another post of Protein DG category of making your own highlighter at home. So cool hah?!

I wish I knew these tricks when I was in school, anyway you girls are lucky enough to get this in your knowledge as highlighter can be very expensive and in that little pocket money we get at our school and college time I’m sure it’s not easy to afford high end cosmetics. So here we go.

All you need are these 2 products : A lotion/moisturizer/sunscreen (anything will work!) and a shimmer eye shadow

  • Pour a small amount of eye shadow into a small container
  • Squeeze 2-3 pumps of body lotion or 4-5 pumps of face lotion (often better for sensitive skin) into the shadow
  • Use a stirrer and mix together until smooth (if you need an extra long-lasting formula, add a tiny bit of your favorite primer).

And you are ready!!!

It was so easy right ?? Oh, I loved this technique when I was in my college, living my life with just 3000 bucks in my pocket for an entire month. It’s so affordable and so quick.

Let me know if you guys try this DIY and how it turned out to be.

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  1. Amritha kaur

    Wow! Now I can make my own highlighter 😍 this will be experimental 😅 because I never included highlighter in my make-up stuff 😂 my Oily skin does highlight itself more 😋

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