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 Hey everyone
I have been so regular on my blog and I’m loving it but one thing that was disturbing me was I wasn’t very particular about a day or time that I should pick to post my blogs or videos. So, finally I have announced a final date/time on my Facebook page. If you are not following me of Facebook, please click here and like my page. Also, I wrote about few more things that are on my mind, that have been disturbing me for a while now which I thought I should write down (which I did eventually). Please make sure to check that and leave your valuable comments.
Coming to the post I have always been particular on carrying an easy chic style. There’s just something about an outfit that can take you easily from the day to night without trying too hard and exudes elegance at the same time. I love those dresses that I can just put over effortlessly and still look gorgeous. So, I got this dress from Forever 21 and styles it just a pearl necklace from my sister’s jewelry box. Ofcourse, sister’s wardrobe is to die for,always! I love very bit of it.
I got a flower bow pin from H&M in white and pink colour. so I use white pin in styling this look with my Woodland heels. The sling bag is from Forever New.

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