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I recently received gold elixir with 24k gold face serum from Elixir Shop recently and I was so excited to try this product ever since. Not very long ago but just 2-3 months backs I consulted my Dermatologist as my face was filled with acne and I wasn’t much liking it. I tried all home remedies, changed face wash and did so many things but everything went in vain. Now that everything is pretty good, I usually get scared on using anything on my face. It scares the hell out of me imaging myself with those acne problems again. With my heart in hand, I thought of starting using face serums as the ingredients used to produce this face serum are actually really nice for smooth and clean skin (Read below for detailed list of ingredients). And I can’t tell you, it did wonders to my skin. I’m still using it twice a day. It has been working beautifully on acne prone & sensitive skin .


The serum not only contains 24K gold but also contains essential oils such as Rosehip, Rosemary, Lavender etc along with Argan oil, Wheatgerm oil & Jojoba oil.Enriched with the best skincare oils, the serum is rich in vitamin A, C, and Vitamin E along with essential fatty acids that keep your skin moisturized and healthy, the serum is specially formulated to work as an effective lightweight moisturizer that not only gives you an even skin tone, but also as an anti-aging serum. While the oils heal, repair and protect your skin, the pure 24k Gold Flakes get absorbed into the skin giving you a glowing skin and a radiant look.



The serum can be used day or night since it does not make skin photosensitive. Apply 2-3 drops over cleansed face and massage. Small 15ml bottle comes with a dropper at it’s mouth, which makes it easier to apply exact of 2-3 drops on freshly cleansed face without overusing it. The gold flakes gets dissolved with the strokes very soon and does not stick like other gold based products and the most important thing, the oil present in this face serum does not burn eyes at all.





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