Review : Noida Bar Exchange

Hey everyone

This post is altogether a different post. This is not a fashion or a beauty post. It’s about my experience at Noida exchange bar which is a new hype in Noida because Noida is not a party place. If you know the insides of Noida you would definitely know what exactly I know :p  So this place is located inside Smaash at DLF Mall of India, brings the popular stock exchange-based bar concept to Noida, where the drinks drinks prices varies based on the demand. LCD screens, LED tickers and the legendary stock market ambiance you”ll see there which literally adds to the stock market theme.

So basically when you go there, you’ll find a lot of LCD screens with the alcohol prices displayed on them which varies every time the demand of any particular alcohol increases. As per my experience, No matter how much the price increases they have there own maximum limit which will make sure that there maximum price is cheaper than the price in other lounges or club. So anyway no matter what, the place is cheap, in demand, delicious food and desserts with  fabulous ambiance and live band. Having a benefit of being located inside the Smaash, you can enjoy playing games (just like I did!).

We started off with the Smaash Caesar Salad which had crunchy, fresh lettuce dressed in a tasty, classic Casear dressing, topped with olives, garlic croutons, and lots of grilled chicken topped with a generous shaving of cheese.

My evening rocked when I ordered Sangria and chicken bytes which came in a scooter like bowl with some french fries. Oh, I loved it.


If you want a day break and looking for a place this is the place for you. Have food, drink like a fish and play games till the time you rock it!



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