Style in winters with vintage look Ft. Lulu & Sky

One thing everyone should probably know is that no matter where you go in your lives be it school, college, offices, aboard anywhere, you will definitely meet people who will literally always try to drag you down and show you a darker side of everything you do or dream of, who will try to seep negativity in your lives. I’m a person who is always super active on my social media platforms with which some people think I’m trying to get attention of everyone which is actually true because that’s what my job demands. If I don’t get attention from my readers then my purpose of writing a blog is absolutely useless. I always see a brighter side of everything happening around me. It takes alot of time convincing myself but trust me, you can’t be satisfied enough if you believe in yourself and trust in what you do.

Search love, affection and positivity around you because there is always atleast one person behind you who wants to see you grow. Always prioritize! At every new turn of your life, remember to be able to think of the things that have helped make you stronger. Be thankful for what you have. It’s not mandatory to top in your batch or have the best boyfriend or girlfriend you ever wished for to be thankful. Just be thankful to God for this life, for people around you, for people who loves you so much, for being educated, for being able to do what you love, for the food & shelter. I mean there are thousands of things that you can be thankful for each day rather than cribbing and crying for the things you can’t have. It’s okay. It’s absolutely okay until you are happy. I’m not asking to give up, fight for things that you want. It will come to you if you deserve it else just be thankful and keep all negativity away. No one’s hard work goes in vain. You’ll be rewarded!

Coming to today’s look – I’m wearing this pretty white & brown skirt from Lulu & Sky . I absolutely love this website for it’s updated trends, It literally has all the styles and trends that are on runway. The fabrics and patterns I have got on this website are so unique and affordable. It brings all the celebrity style in a pocket friendly cost and collection is to die for. Right from handbags, to shoes and clothing this website has nailed it in every area of aspect when it comes to fashion. You can buy this skirt from here. Do check out the website and shop trends in most affordable rates.

I paired this skirt with a white ruffle top from H&M which gave this look a very classy-chic-trendy look. It’s sleeves are gorgeous. Damn, I love this top. I got this for only 800 bucks. That was a great deal. Isn’t? And with shoes I paired them with beige colour block heels because that’s what a vintage look is all about.

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