You always have a reason to smile

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, one thing you should constantly look for is your happiness and believe me, there is always a reason to smile. Find that one thing around you that makes your soul happy, that makes you do things that you want to but you keep procrastinating.

You never know what happens next, live in the moment. I seriously believe you can do anything in life when you are aware of your strengths and weakness. Find that happy corner in your life or that thing or that person that makes you happy that will help you convert your weakness into your strength, that will get your mind on point. At every stage of your life learn to master your mind because it’s your mind that rules your body and it’s you who rules that mind that rules your body.

I hope you are able to connect the dots and getting what I’m trying to explain you.

No one else on this planet can ever bring you joy if you don’t chose to be happy with whatever you are blessed with.

Do you know where my happiness lies. You’ll be surprised. It’s where food is. Whenever I’m  loaded with shit loads of work, I grab a cup of coffee, or I eat maggie or for a matter of fact I just pick a packet of chips and I eat while I work. Whenever I’m upset or worried for something, I call my friends and literally go to places to eat. Trust me, a good company and food can do magic to your problem in this world.

Take time, sit alone, grab a coffee and think what makes you happy.


Now coming to what I’m wearing. I’m in love with skirts and shorts and I just can get rid of them even in winters. So, styling skirts & shorts in winters have become easy pessy with stockings or fishnet in market. I got this skirt from H&M and I paired it with a black high neck top from Sarojini nagar with a scarf. You can definitely style your skirts with fishnet stockings and turtleneck sweater.These boots are my most recent purchase from forever 21. Thou they are very simple but if you carry them right, they are totally cool, classy and edgy and I love them.

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