Sweatshirt Styling & Closet Essentials For Winter

Hey everyone

Summer is now officially over since I made my closet fall/winter proof! Not that I’m sad, though I’m a little bit as it makes me super lazy and all I want is to keep sleeping and be cozy all the time,still, I love winter fashion wise since that means we can wear those cozy knitwear, hoodies, layers and long coats again! Below I’ve listed the pieces I think that are unmissable in your winter closet. It’s kind of my perfect capsule wardrobe for this time of year because you can mix and match every piece together, let’s have a look


1.Grey blazer– This is my version of the perfect grey blazer. Layer it with a leather jacket or wear it with a white shirt to work.
2. White shirt– I don’t know what I would do without my white shirts, I like to wear them under knitwear during autumn and winter.
3. Suede/Leather pants – A must during these colder days! I wear them mostly with an oversized sweater and long grey coat.
4. Leopord printout oversized coat – Wear this coat in multiple ways – As a dress – Wear a belt around your waist and knee length boots and you are ready! Or Style it with suede pants and bakers hat!
5. Checked trousers – Believe me, wearing some soft wool checked trousers feels like pj’s, pair it with beige knitwear or match it with a grey blazer.
6. Bomberjacket – The best during rainy days, the bomber can’t be missed in your closet

7.Black boots– Perfect to wear it casual with a bomber jacket or to give a twist to any classic look.
8. Beanie – A real staple piece for those windy days.
9. Black tote bag – With all your heavy clothing on, carry spacious yet light weight bags or a sling bag
10. Grey scarf – I always invest in a good scarf that doesn’t shed hairs all over your coat, this one is perfect!

For sweatshirt styling, here are few tips :

  1. Style it with a pair of stockings & boots
  2. Put on a hat and give your look a care-a-damn (carefree) look
  3. Pair your sweatshirt with denim and put on sleek sunglasses with boots to give it a casual look
  4. Style your sweatshirt with vintage shades while you have your boots and stockings on fleek
  5. You can also style your sweatshirt like a dress. Just wear a broad belt with your oversized sweatshirt and carry it with boots




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