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I recently I have been reading alot and somehow I have came across so many articles related to chessboard. I love playing chess but if I would relate myself to this game, I would always want to be Queen who can do anything at any point. But inspite of all the great things of being a Queen, sometimes it fails to save her king and when it’s least expected there is pawn that saves his king. Not everytime, literally, not every damn time pawn is useless.

There are few rules that are given to Pawn and with all that rule-jazz, there is a lot negative about Pawn but hey, there are positives also. Nothing in this world goes wasted.

When people say – He was just a Pawn, for general public it means – The person is being manipulated in an expendable manner.  It’s a negative connotation typically directed at someone who blindly follows, and to use another phrase, “falls in line” against this person’s own interests. { Line copied from a survey }

For me, Pawn is my idol. You know why? Let’s dig this a little deep step by step

1 Never jump any stage of life, take one step at a time

It’s okay to take one step at a time. You know as they say, slow and steady wins the race. Be like one. Capture diagonally only when needed else be patient and live in the moment.

2 Walk straight ahead. Don’t get diverted, until and unless it’s necessary

We meet most shittest people in our lives but giving attention to everyone is not important. Show people your worth only when it’s required.

3 Learn to Sacrifice

Most of the time to save our bigger players we choose to kill pawn and it’s okay because we have leading players in game to make us win the game. Learn to be like one whenever it’s required.

4 Be a silent player

If you have noticed, maximum of players in chess are pawns which are in front row and all leading players are hiding behind pawn. Build your confidence so much that people start relying on you, no matter how small you are. Let your head be counted in the list of leading people.

5 Never look behind

Just like a pawn, keep walking forward. There’s no point looking behind. Make your future bright and never let your past affect your future.

I hope you guys can relate yourself with Pawn by now. Let’s take tiny little steps and try to be a better person each day.




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