Elixir Shop Hair Fall Serum (Linus) Review

Hey everyone

So I get a lot of questions on my Instagram from you guys asking me my hair care routine and I did a detailed video on my YouTube Channel telling you guys what products I have been using since ages!

But since past a month, my all techniques have been failing resulting in huge hair loss but luckily a friend of mine was using this product from Elixir shop i.e. there hair fall serum and I thought to give it a try. This is basically not a regular serum that you just apply to your hair after hair wash. It has altogether a different yet easy technique to apply in your hair. I personally have been lovely this product and for sure I can see a huge change in hair fall. I mean, it definitely have reduced in a month.


Here’s my detailed review on Elixir Shop Hair Fall Serum (Linus)

How to apply :

  • Take appropriate number of drops of the serum on your hand, add shampoo, blend and apply.
  • Keep shampoo on for a minute, then rinse and condition as normal.

Short hair: 4-6 drops
Medium length: 6-8 drops
Long hair: 10-12 drops
A 30ml bottle will last 4-5 months for medium length hair.

Price :

Rs. 1000 for 30ml (Little pricey but definitely worth every penny)

My Feedback :

This serum is absolutely organic and a natural product. This a 30ml glass bottle that comes with a dropper. With the dropper it is super easy to use. You just can’t go wrong with the quantity with the dropper.

Now I have medium hair so I go for 6-8 drops which comes out in a single wash. Not at all sticky with your hair. I have noticed, it not only reduces your hair fall but have made my hair very smooth and soft lately. Make sure you don’t use water when you mix shampoo and serum. Make your hair wet and then apply the mixture and allow it to rest on to your hair for atleast a minute.

All you wanna do is mix a few drops (as per your length) into the shampoo and apply it to the scalp. Next, you can either massage it or leave it on for a minute or 2 and then rinse it off along with the shampoo. Post this you can condition your hair as you normally do and that’s it.

I’m super happy with the product. It might take upto 4-5 washes for you to get a noticeable results but once you’ll see it’s beauty, you will love it.

I will see you in my next post. Meanwhile, Happy Strengthening your hair 🙂

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