Black Magic

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I literally believe in the fact that a girl can never go wrong in a black dress no matter what the season is. Black is modest and arrogant at the same time.
I so wanted a black dress in my wardrobe since like forever that is decent, elegant and classy in one go. Something that you can wear it in party, or in any family get together. It’s all about how you style it. This bodycon dress was definitely my pick from H&M. Styled the dress with a pretty necklace,rings and heels to keep it refined.
When black comes in combination with red, magic has to be believed in. 🙂

Put on anything black,apply red lipstick and you are good to go! Yayy!!

                                          Here are the pictures 🙂
Take my advice, all girls should own a simple little black dress. Its a must in your wardrobe as its the perfect savior when you need anything to look perfect when you have nothing to wear. And yeah, black obviously hides your little tiny body flaws.
Outfit: H&M
Rings: Forever 21
Heels: Woodland
Handbag: Caide Deor
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Go Rubicand This Navratri !!

Hello Girlfriends !

For the fact festive season is around the corner, I couldn’t be happier, firstly because it is a bonus month for me as I would be getting a lot of work from now on (being a new blogger in town) and secondly, I love dressing up 🙂 So, Yaayy!!

Today I’m going to start with very simple & decent look keeping it very stylish at a same time.

In India, Navratri is a big festival where in you get to shop like anything and eat like crazy!

Not to forget, Dandiya Raas nights are the most amazing nine nights of the year.

For “obsessed with dressing up” girls like me, this is one great festival to live it up.

Red being the first festive option, this stunning gown from Sa’irah was definitely my pick for the day. A very light weight pair of earrings with pretty kundan ring is good to go with any gown for such festivals.

I used Red Jelly-001 Jelly & Shine Lipgloss from Colourbar and preferred very subtle make up, not to give it very heavy or shimmery look.



Gowns are always the most comfortable outfits to put yourself in, dance and roll all night.Gone are the days when you would go for suits and saris for each and every function. This flow gown is such a unique twist to our ethnic outfits and still looks so stunning.
Outfit details:

Order this gown from this link – Facebook
Heels – Woodland
Earrings & Ring – Much More

Hope you guys liked reading this one. Stay tuned!

Much Love